How do I use CBD?

So, you’ve decided that CBD is right for you. What’s the next step? How do you choose and use a CBD product? Whether you want to know more about CBD vape juices, CBD oral oils, or even CBD cosmetics, we've got the answers.


A keyword you may hear used is bioavailabilty. This means the amount of a given substance that the body can effectively use, and it depends on how you administer the product, its concentration, the dosage you take and variable factors about the user’s body (age, metabolism, any underlying issues etc).

As a general rule, the more direct and quick the pathway to your bloodstream, the higher a product’s bioavailability is. This is why inhalation and sublingual absorption will always fare better than ingestion - as a CBD product passes through the digestive system, the active ingredients will be degraded by digestive juices and will be less effective by the time they pass into your blood.

Understanding CBD dosage

More is not necessarily better - and not just for your pocket. Since every organism is different, the same concentration may not work the same way for two people. This is why we offer you a choice of three different concentrations for all our e-liquids and oils: 300 mg, 600 mg or 1200 mg per bottle, clearly labeled, and with a helpful colour code for the corresponding low / medium / high strength.

We recommend starting with a lower dosage and working your way up if necessary, but give it a few weeks of trying before changing to a different strength. The body takes some time to acclimatise to the introduction of CBD, and you may find a lower concentration works best for you long term.

As the cosmetic products deliver the CBD locally, directly into the skin, we’ve found it optimal to offer them to you in a fuss-free single concentration of 300 mg per container.

The best CBD product for you

Vaping is the most efficient way of absorbing CBD, as the substance is directly absorbed through the myriad of blood vessels in the lungs. Simply mix your Vitality CBD E-liquid of choice with your preferred vape juice, or vape alone. The effects may be felt within minutes and can last for several hours.

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Sublingual absorption is the next most efficient method. CBD is absorbed directly into the blood vessels under the tongue, for an effect that sets in after around 20 minutes, and lasts a few hours. All you need to do is apply the CBD oil under the tongue and not swallow for at least 90 seconds, while it is absorbed.

If you’ve chosen our CBD Oral Drops, use the included pipette to administer several drops directly under the tongue, in 2-3 daily sessions. If you prefer our CBD Oral Spray, position the nozzle at a slanted angle just over your lower teeth and spray several times under the tongue, again in 2-3 daily sessions.

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Absorption through the skin is a great way of slowly releasing smaller doses of CBD with a more localised effect. You may choose to mainly target the surface, with our moisturising CBD Skin Cream packed with organic essential oils, or aim deeper into tissues, with our CBD Muscle Balm. Apply a thin layer and massage the product into the skin, until it is fully absorbed.

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What’s your flavour?

We’ve noticed some people really like the natural flavour of cannabis, while others prefer a sweeter zest. To cater to all tastes, we offer our e-liquids and oils in three flavours: Natural, Lemon and Berry.

An additional factor worth mentioning is the carrier oil for our sublingual products. The thicker hemp seed carrier oil used in our Oral Drops will enhance the cannabis flavour, while the lighter MCT oil in our Oral Spray may prove a better fit for people less appreciative of the natural taste.

Our cosmetics have been also specially researched to suit all needs, with the delicate Green Tea and Lemon fragrance in our Skin Cream or the discrete neutral smell of our Muscle Balm.

CBD health considerations

In an exhaustive report, the World Health Organization has made a definitive statement on cannabidiol usage:

The evidence from well controlled human experimental research indicates that CBD is not associated with abuse potential.

You can read the full report here.

Whilst CBD has been declared safe for human consumption by the World Health Organization, we recommend you inform your doctor of your CBD intake, as it has the potential to interfere with other medication you may take.

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