CBD Relieve Premium Rich Hemp Tea
Premium blends of rich hemp tea. Select from one of our four flavours and enjoy our aromatic infusion of your taste. ACTIVEPremium quality & organic Green Sencha and Jasmine to provide the ultimate antioxidant brew.  BOOSTPremium quality & organic Assam, Kenya Black tea...
Vitality CBD Eliquid 30ml - 300mg
When we process CBD for our Full Spectrum E-liquid we retain other helpful hemp compounds and cannabinoids. The holistic “entourage effect” this induces leads to a better absorption rate, and a greater overall impact than CBD in isolation. One of...
CannabiGold: Terpenes+ CBD 12ml
CannabiGold’s mission is to create top quality and state of the art food supplements made from hemp and packed with phytocannabinoids. The CannabiGold Terpenes+ CBD Oil is a golden coloured CBD Oil that is not only rich in Cannabinoids but...
€59.99 from €20.99
Vitality CBD Oral Spray 30ml - 300mg
At Vitality CBD we’re always researching the best ways to ingest CBD, and our sublingual Oral Spray 300mg is one of the most effortless. Simply spray under the tongue, and wait for 90 seconds. CBD is absorbed directly into the...
Harmony: CBD Oil Broad Spectrum Spray Mint 15ml
Reach new levels of calm, focus, and balance with Harmony Spray - a delicious, natural CBD oil with a precise dosage that helps you perform at your peak. This broad-spectrum hemp oil contains CBD, but also CBG and other cannabinoids,...
from €18.00
Pureis Advanced Absorption Capsules, 10mg
Ultra Pure CBD capsules offer a convenient one capsule per day of 10mg. Unlike conventional capsules, these specialised capsules are acid-resistant to protect Pureis® from the active acidic environment of the stomach and assist in CBD absorption. Recommended Use: Take...
from €15.00
Vitality CBD Skin Cream 100ml - 300mg
Vitality CBD Skin Cream is a sophisticated blend of moisturising ingredients and CBD, designed to replenish and support hydration to the desired areas of your skin. Our CBD cream activates the endocannabinoid receptors found within your skin, whilst also delivering...
Vitality Active: CBD Recover Drops 30ml
Ensure your body returns to a state of balance. Our three lead ingredients include vitamin D3, renowned for maintaining muscle, bone, and immune system function.
from €36.00
Vitality CBD Infused Eye Serum
Palmitoyl tripeptide-38 - well known peptide that stimulates the synthesis of 6 key skin-rebuilders. Capillary strengthener - proven active that exhibits real biotechnological activity against dark circles. Lipolysis tightening complex - this decongestant acts to rejuvenate and restore the area...
Pureis Fast Absorbing Orange Oil 280mg 10ml Spray
Delicate tasting coconut oil with an added orange natural flavour, available in an oral spray format, perfect for those of you who enjoy the taste of an added orange flavour. Fast Absorbing Oil has 280mg (3%), which represents a daily intake of...
Vitality Active: CBD Focus Drops 30ml
Don’t let your performance slip mid-workout. Our three lead ingredients include vitamin A, renowned for maintaining your iron metabolism and keeping your vision clear.
from €36.00
Harmony: Calming Facial Oil 15ml - 137mg
Calm, soothe and boost the skin’s natural radiance with Serumony Calming Facial Oil by Harmony. This antioxidant-rich facial oil contains a blend of hemp seed oil, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil and safflower oil that'll replenish, hydrate and support your skins health. Harmony's...
Vitality CBD Anti-blemish
Vitality CBD Anti-blemish Expert formulation takes an innovative approach to optimising the skin’s health, while supporting the body’s antibacterial responses. Salicylic acid works to clear pores and remove unwanted debris where needed. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - visibly improves enlarged pores whilst also...
Vitality CBD Face Serum
Vitality CBD Face Serum Designed for use morning and night, our Face Serum stimulates and protects the skin matrix using a blend of natural compounds. Palmitoyl tripeptide-38 - a renowned peptide that boosts the synthesis of 6 skin- rebuilding essentials....
Vitality Vitamins: Turmeric
This set of CBD Vitamins are all about maintenance of the body. That’s why they include vitamin D, known for supporting your immune system and usual function.
Drink 420: CBD infused Wild Berries
CBD infused sparkling water with succulent Wild Berries. Drink any time of day to unwind, target stress and rebalance. Specifications:Contains 15mg of CBD per 250ml canCBD derived from all-natural, agriculturally grown hemp (zero THC)No added sugar or sweetenersVegan + vegetarian-friendlyGluten...
from €7.50
Vitality CBD Infused Exfoliator
Our premium blend of ingredients work in conjunction to clear away dead skin cells and debris, resulting in decongested pores. Cranberry extract - this natural enzyme is rich in key alpha hydroxy acids that naturally remove dead skin. Cellulose acetate...
Vitality CBD Infused Face Mask
Our signature blend of active ingredients refreshes the skin and promotes the delivery of CBD, AnnonaSense and Argan. Holistic skin defense complex - protects and replenishes the skin barrier, and further soothes the skin. Shea butter - this natural butter...
Vitality CBD Infused Bath Salts
We’ve designed our Bath Salts to restore a sense of well-being, replenishing essential minerals across the skin. Epsom salt - Reduces stiffness in joints and muscles and a key means of restoring magnesium. Rose scent - There’s nothing more relaxing...
Harmony: Active Calm Balm - 50mg
Active Calm Balm has been formulated with the perfect concentration of 50mg of CBD to soothe and replenish the driest of skin. Nutrient-rich and high in uplifting and enriching oils Harmony’s CBD body balm is over 99% natural.  With powerful...
Harmony: Reviving Lip Balm 4.8g - 5mg
Lipcovery Reviving CBD Lip Balm by Harmony is a hydrating lip balm packed with 5mg of CBD, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin C and E and Beeswax that'll replenish and soothe dry lips. It's the perfect everyday lip balm with a creamy, lightweight formula that adds a...
Harmony: CBD Oil Broad Spectrum Spray Citrus 15ml
Reach new levels of calm, focus, and balance with Harmony Spray - a delicious, natural CBD oil with a precise dosage that helps you perform at your peak. This broad-spectrum hemp oil contains CBD, but also CBG and other cannabinoids,...
from €20.00
Harmony: CBD Oil Broad Spectrum Spray Natural 15ml
Reach new levels of freshness and balance with Harmony Oral Care Spray – a delicious, natural CBD oil with a precise dosage that helps you perform at your peak. Our broad-spectrum hemp oil contains CBD, but also CBG and other...
from €18.00
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